Givvor is a collaborative giving platform that delivers the benefits of the shareable economy to the business of giving. We are a certified B Corp. committed to creating profitability for nonprofits by magnifying the impact of every donor.  

Our mission is simple: Advance social progress by revitalizing the process of charitable giving.  

We know that impact can’t wait.

That’s why we’re helping nonprofits become more effective at their missions through the power of shared community.

The Givvor platform allows donors to automate and scale engagement around the causes they support. This frees nonprofits from the endless cycle of fundraising to focus more on their causes, less on commerce. 

Our technology shifts giving from a one-time transaction to a sustainable community.

We foster engagement between nonprofits and donors. And we automate the organic growth of thriving communities, where like-minded givers can connect with each other and easily cultivate more support.

Givvor centralizes and consolidates resources in ways that allow every stakeholder in the giving chain to scale their connection and donations.  

Together with our partners, Givvor is working every day to reshape giving into an engaging experience that makes philanthropy sustainable and impactful.