TERRA STORIES Impact Investing Series, Ep. 8 Givvor: Bringing Scalability to Philanthropy

Join host Gary Brode, of Deep Knowledge Investing, in conversation with Alex Huff, Founder and CEO of Givvor (, the only technology dedicated to revolutionizing giving by empowering donors, driving ongoing engagement and developing a marketplace of nonprofits for the next century. The platform currently enables donor communities for over 1.8 million nonprofits integrated with cutting edge financial and communication capabilities that brings scalability to philanthropy. Specific donation and fundraising strategies can be customized to centralize and consolidate resources, while building trust through transparency, donor privacy and engaged community experiences.

In this series, we explore impact focused public and private companies in multiple market sectors that utilize proven, cost-effective and game-changing sustainable technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiencies and shareholder value. Visit us at:

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By Alex Huff

Alex Huff is the CEO of Givvor, a collaborative giving platform that brings automation and sustainability to nonprofit fundraising.

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